Saturday, May 30, 2009


Blogging is hard work. Not in the sense of producing the content; that comes easily enough. No, it's pacing it correctly that's the problem. Having committed myself to a one-update-a-week policy, I often find myself wondering if I should be making better use of the six other days in the week.

Since this isn't exactly a diary blog (that's what Live Journal is for, and I've yet to make one of those), I'm not inclined to make a daily post about whatever the hell I'm thinking, unless what I'm thinking happens to be particularly interesting. And it helps when I've read a cool new book or seen a cool new movie, because then I can talk about it, but if I haven't then I've got a whole lot of nothing to say. On top of that, I have a beast of a paper due in about a week and a half, so perhaps my time is not best served at the present by thinking of ways to fill up a blog.

In any event, these considerations have led me to think of switching to a twice-a-week update policy. Wouldn't that be neat? I just have to be extra sure to produce content regularly to make it work, but it's probably a change that will come sooner or later.

I've also toyed with the idea of putting advertisements on this site. Granted, everybody hates ads, and I'd just as soon not look at them on one page of this blasted internet. However, most of the artists on the internet whose work I read contains some advertising content. Not only that, but Blogger likes to conspicuously remind me that I could be making money out of all this. At present, I really don't care enough to install this "Ad-sense" function to my page, but I can't guarantee I won't give in one day.

In other news, I tried an interesting experiment the other day. I'd written a couple of things that were mildly dark to depressing, and I worried that perhaps I was getting gloomy. So I decided to just write something silly, and somehow, it turned into four pages of romantic comedy. I'm not quite sure how to feel about that. I can't exactly claim that it's especially funny, but oddly enough, I like it. One day, it will appear on this site.

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  1. day to day stuff can be basically uneventful but sharing stories you've written might prove very amusing...romantic comedies are full of adventure and nonsense, like a comedy of errors or miscommunication mayhem...that'd be great...and in europe no less!