This is where you'll find the various tales that occasionally emerge from my brain.

Short Stories

The Secret Egg, Part One, Part Two

  • A student searches for her grandfather's legacy in a supernatural tale of memory, history, and mystery.
Dreaming of a New Set of Strings
  • A man dreams of success and finds something.
Snow Globe Slowdown
  • A young couple face their anxieties in the event of a local apocalypse.  Decided to challenge myself by making both of them male. 
A Southern California Song
  • The relationship between a young man and a young woman declines and dissolves as they sit  for hours in stalled traffic.  Inspired by memories and sad music.
The Neighbors: A Brief Tale of Irritation
  • A fictionalized vignette concerning certain sounds overheard by the author late at night.  Written in real time in response to true events.  Kind of sexy, if you're into that sort of thing.
Red Alert
  • A meta-story, told in conversation between two writers of divergent opinions, about the destruction of a spaceship in a devastating accident.  At first I was going to write the story they're discussing, but eventually I decided to experiment instead.
John in the Box
  • A young man discovers a magical stranger living in his closet, and tries very hard to evict him.  Inspired by my excavation of the closet in my childhood bedroom over summer break.
Rabbit Bar
  • A college student gets drunk with a talking rabbit; onlookers view this as a normal occurrence.  One of my favorite things that I've ever written, for pure surrealist weirdness.
The End of the World
  • An old story, older than the blog as a matter of fact, that I dug out of my hard drive..  Sort of a campfire tale about mysterious disappearances on the 52 to El Cajon. 
The Wolf of Albright: Part One, Part Two, and Part Three
  • Detectives struggle to discover the identity of a vicious serial murderer.  Insanity and tragedy lead to the destruction of an old family.  Kind of a pastiche of Edgar Allen Poe, with a few other references to some of my favorite Gothic horror tales.
The Modern Spirit
  •  A boy goes for a walk in the woods with a voice in his head.  An old favorite of mine.
A Young Man's Tribulation: Part One and Part Two 
  • A tale of post-9/11 paranoia and escape from an underground prison.  My first effort for this blog.


On The Second Floor

Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three, Chapter Four, Chapter Five, Chapter Six, Chapter Seven, Chapter Eight, Chapter Nine, Chapter Ten, Chapter Eleven, Chapter Twelve, Chapter Thirteen
  • A loner and his apartment are abducted by aliens and placed in an idyllic artificial environment.  The loner spends ten days fielding visits from his hosts and plotting an escape.  My first attempt at longer, serialized writing.  I don't think the ending holds up to scrutiny, but there are good parts in the middle.