Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hard Hat Zone

Greetings, Mighty Internet. I humbly offer this blog as a sacrifice to your insatiable hunger for new content. May it satisfy, amuse, and/or stimulate you in the wee, small hours of the night.

I'll mainly be updating once or twice (but at least once) a week, typically on Mondays. The purpose of this blog will be to provide an outlet for my various literary works (by which I mean the short stories, poems, and essays I produce in my spare time). I've been working for a while on some of these pieces, writing them by hand, and I will continue to produce them in this manner. In order to get these things out there, though, I've made this blog. That way, you won't have to fly out to my apartment and flip through my three ring binder to read them. Lucky you!

Today is Saturday, and the first proper entry, part one of a short story entitled A Young Man's Tribulation, will be up on Monday. In the meantime, I'll be tweaking various things on this site, fine tuning the aesthetic, working on my profile and such. I believe they call this period "construction," so until Monday, consider this page to be a hard hat zone. Watch your head.

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