Wednesday, July 8, 2009

On My Way to the Olde Continent

Astute readers will note that updates on the Wave Function Junction have been sparse since summer vacation began; I won't disagree if you find that ironic. The lack of posting has been mirrored by a lack of writing; I've only completed a few pieces since I left school, a number of which I don't particularly like in hindsight. Ordinarily, this is what a backlog is for; however, I was somewhat dissatisfied with Chapters VI and VII of On the Second Floor, and so I have been retooling them.

Am I set to get back on track? Well, not just yet. As it happens, tomorrow marks the first day of a journey long in the making; my sister and I are taking a multi-national tour of Europe, lasting thirty-five days and bringing us through some of the most notable sites in the history of western civilization. I shall be a world traveler, and unlike now (when I have simply been too lazy), I will be genuinely too busy to blog.

I am, however, making a new effort at productivity. I'll be keeping a travel journal of all the places I go, a project that should turn out amusing, insightful, and in all likelihood libelous. If I get access to the internet (they have that in Europe, right?) and more than an ounce of free time, perhaps you'll see some of that before I return!

As for On the Second Floor, new chapters should resume soon after my triumphant return in mid-August. The current structure of the story calls for a total of thirteen chapters; in addition, I'll be working on an alternate ending, for the sake of ambiguity (and warding off bad luck).

So wish me luck, loyal readers, and don't sweat the silence. I've only forgotten about you a little bit.