When a man feels too much, he may be driven to poetry.  Here you may find my own efforts in that field.  Every "poetry jam" and "poetries" post includes commentary on the individual poems it contains.

The Lay of the Princess and the Lady Beneath 
  • An original fairy tale in ballad form.  The longest poem I've ever written at three hundred and forty lines. 

Poetries #2
  • Human Skin; A Sighting of the Anima; My Veronica; Social Media for the Youth; Principles; It Goes From One To Explode; My Imagination's Done Worse; Scenes and Secrets; A Time of Living and Dying; Let Me Count The Ways; Ettenfall; The Gardens Try; Return of the Muse; Undiminished; Permission to Stop.

Poetries #1
  • Investigation of the Well; Paintings of Saints; Free Range Vision; Escape; Sending to; Baltimore; She and She; It's Not About Conscience; Do You Have Any Floss?; Spring Fling; Taste; You May Not Know Who You Are, But You Know Me; We Are All Of Us Birds; On the Eve of First Dates; Twice.

Poetry Jam #20
  •  False Choice; Dorothy's Text; Memories of Touch; one two three four; Wedding Guests; A Chronicle of the Origin of the Great Quake; You Were So Good to Me; My Star, My Sky; I Know It When I See It; Panic at the Grocery Store; Tea Fancy; Pâtissier, Shark Eyes; Eidolon; Gasp.

Poetry Jam #19
  •  A Blaze of Something; The Last Human Beings; It Takes a Lot; Wandering Hands; Three Hours; Mad Republic; Bringing Home the Bacon; Wug_; Six Years Later; How Adults Speak to Each Other; Missing; What's the Word on the Street?; Wishful Thinking; Iron; A Heroine Storming the Gate of the Gods.
Poetry Jam #18
  •  Brutes; The Ballad of Bad Science; Spiderweb Hill; A Tragic Jeju Sestina; Normal, Long Black Hair; Commute; The Androgyne's Song (Part 1); The Conservatives; Garbage; Heap of Computer; Someone Sent Me Flowers Every Night; Gangbuk Voyeur; Too Much; Watch the Mountainside; Clear Skies over Namhae; Going Home; Warrior Queen.
Poetry Jam #17
  •  Forgotten Lands of Snow; Early Spring by the Gap River in Daejeon; The Little Monster; Ode to my inexpensive speaker system; Pictures of Women; Salon Treatment; The Pohang Platform; Celes; The Wave; Private Schools; Yonggungsa on the Rocks by the Sea; Water of Life; Songs About Sex; Sleep Talk; Our Dream Castle.
The Witch
  • A special holiday poem of witchcraft and mystery.  Also, five ritual and mystical murders. 
Poetry Jam #16
  •  Venus and Diana; Sudden Snow; Stranger's Land; Gakwonsa; Love Thy Friends; Princess Adventures; Portraits of Sound; Molten Possibly; I Still Remember; The Sailor's War; Refracted Heart; The Fire and the Heat; Terror Tea; Something Useful.
Poetry Jam #15
  • Epitaph; Omnibus; The Role of the Praetorian Guard; Clay Castles; Magic Love; Science Love; Elisabeth Sullivan's Parrot Paintings; Preparation; Beach Bones; Campfire in the Light Mist; Document Based Question; Magic Potions; Untitled October Second Poem; Letters of the Alphabet; Summer Sun; Tea Time on the Edge; The Language of Ice; Royalty; The Victory of Music Over Painting; The Bear.
Poetry Jam #14
  •  Real Strange Genes; You will know me by the time I'm gone; Sudoku; Law and Order; Cognitive Red; Keyhole Wisdom; Glory is a Lie; How to Talk about Scallions; Chemicals; Baseball; Backyard Nature Reserve; Against Solipsism; Rockwell Court; The Tragedies; The Last Song on the Album.
Poetry Jam #13
  • Susan's Thoughts; Blue Sparks; Discovery; My Lover's Favorite Song; No More Secrets; The Song Incomplete; Medieval Gloria; Idle Questions of the Sky, Questions Soon Forgotten; Trouble Sleeping; Paper Soprano; A Simple Goal; Abandoned Homes; Broadcast Day.
Poetry Jam #12
  • My Face; Rights; Hourglass; Mary Jane Around the World; Music Machine; Nightmares of Mine; The Notable Gift; Una Vez en Español, Por Favor; A Larger Fire; Train Tracks; Tara's Eyes; "Rumo?"; Tower Defense Queue; Wax Shell; Shatter-Colored Window; Something Important to Say.
Poetry Jam #11
  • Cold War Boils Over; The Moon Unraveled; Time Travel; Chicago; The Night at the End of Wherever You Are; Eyes; Fear and Destructive Impulses; Grapevine; Father Shadow's Requiem; Everybody Dreams; The Subterranean Statue; Summer Concert.
Scribbles: Unfinished Business
  • Success; Woad; Please Stay Away; A Toxic Situation; Cold and Cracking; To You.
Poetry Jam #10
  • Happily; Child; The Iris and the Shell; Locked Out; The End of the World Will Not be Violent; One More Year; City of Angels; Feeble Falling Snow; The Huntsman Dying in the Snow; A Beautiful Life; Light the Way; Underpass; The Road Looks Like a River; You Are So Young; Music and Lyrics; Hot Ink.
Poetry Jam #9
  • A Downtown Walk; Song to You; Amazon Blues; The Ballad of the Silent Word; Sleight of Hand; Cherry; The Long Night; The Nothing Man; Broken Glass Around my Head; Poway Under Cover of Darkness; Roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll, roll,
Poetry Jam #8
  • Teenage Secrecy; Real Presence; The Liar; The Softness of a Broken Wing; The Magpie; The Ladder; Two Thousand and Five Degrees; I Am Not a One of Them; Behind the Door; Insecurity; Cascade Square; Weight; Golden Wire.
Insanity Calls the Bells of Halloween
  • A special holiday poem with a peculiar rhyme scheme.  Contains ravenous ghouls.
Poetry Jam #7
  • Sideways, Under, or Above; Undying Girl; Ode to Chipmunk; By the Fire; The Collision; Fragment; What the Older Woman Said to Me; Waking Dream.
Poetry Jam #6
  • A Dark Soul; Fire and Water; Substance; Call Them to Breathe; Experiment: Blank One; Prison Piece; After Noon; Red; Just what Are You Asking Me?; A Poem About a Fire; Dimming Blue; Jingo; Inspirations of Joan Miró; Trilobita; The Sea-Elf; Drowning in the Fire; Water Tower; Taking; Thursday Night; Kayla.
Self Portrait at the End of the World
Christmas; Evening
  • Harvest Moon; Many-Troubled Heart; The Den; Little Window; Not a Word; Nog; What a Lovely Dream; Christmas, Evening; Happy New Year.  A cycle of poems written about a brief, failed relationship.
Poetry Jam #5
  • It's a Riddle; The Guitar; Gold is Love; Springtime; My Ship is Coming In; The View; The Mottle-Breasted Sparrow; The Ants; Incendiary; Footsteps: His, and Yours, and Mine; To Live Is.
Poetry Jam #4
  • The Answer; Untimed Regret; Fatigue; Free Fall; The Gold Bug; An Old, Dear Friend; Impressions of a Lover; Water Light; Seven Sad Days; To the River; Cemetery Sadness; Onward to Ennui; Immature; The Trilobite Song.
Poetry Jam #3: The Munich Poems
  • Ionian Dream; לעולם לא עוד; Telepath; Psychotic Rage-a-Thon; Broken Wing.  Poems written on the road in Europe. 
Poetry Jam #2
  •  Lady, Do You Like the Blues?; Will You Come?; Hello, Anna; In the Very Same Way; February; Drink.
Poetry Jam
  • Debt; Piano Fantasy Nine; Apologies to John; Early Morning.