Monday, January 24, 2011

Self-Portrait at the End of the World

One across regret he gaping rescued
There middle disappears at whisks possessed
Disassembling rescue his and end a
But leaving are the most removed a road
People point the falls significant of
Like modern always he's of sphere and to
Movement though forget eventually the
Direction on expand enough the stop
Saved you or he often error either
Beginning doubt to find the end and has
Never cars of this is motion bumpy
Allow unknown not be await a no
Woman happening for it either
Illusion to the wasted going to
Is the whether of

End and spot you're his a bottom this
Before there disappears be road when edge
Only there can all discover when a
There inexplicably on search and will
Forces possible to automobile
No lead of true the mile to move the walks
Traveler eventually a limit
About you most imposing that occurs
Choice on end his things but man a world
Is time that driving gets and rush at his
Very to a point of not and little
Is end if one dimensional allow
Science you the end of it of any
From witnesses the not and lose or it
Never car it can as is all gotten
But be of not to power his across
World on arrived its moving people
A business feeling held experience
Missing to and find the rage is
Perhaps the nevertheless

The choice could high the leave in there to trick
Consequence you leave along as how is
By tells perceive to his experience
Dread is missing taught of native reached the
Unfortunate he lead is why as just
When dimensional a neither over
The certainly the into if about

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