This is a blog about a lot of things, but not a blog about everything.  It has a silly name that doesn't really mean anything, but I like it because it rhymes.  It's not the best blog, but I think it's a good one, once you get to know it.

To help you understand me and my blog a little better, I made this FAQ page.  It's sort of like interviewing myself; in fact, that's exactly what it is.  I guess I'll get on with it, then.

Query: Who are you?

Answer: My name is David, and I'm the author of all the original content on The Wave Function Junction, unless I say I'm not.  I was born in Southern California, but I live in Oregon.  I was born in 1987; subtract that from the present year and you have my age.  I went to the University of Oregon from 2005 to 2009, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History (no specific focus).  I have a license to teach Social Studies to Middle School and High School students, but I do not do this full time yet.

Q: What is this blog?

A: This blog is my writing space.  If I write something, anything at all, and I want other people to read it, I'll post it here.  It will thenceforth exist on the internet, forming a record of my thoughts and my creative output.  Anyone can come by and read it, and get to know me just a little better.

Q: What do you write about here?

A: That changes frequently, but tends to stick around a few subjects. 

I write fiction and poetry, which are sort of unpredictable in terms of their content.  If I have a story to tell or an idea I want to express in a poetic sort of way, it comes out like this.  I wouldn't say I write poems or stories about any one set of things in particular, but there's probably themes that pop up more regularly than not.  These two are my favorite types of content, and probably the chief reasons that this blog exists.

I write reviews of many different forms of art: books, movies, music, video games, and so on.  I don't have any systematic structure or goal in mind when I write reviews; I just like to spread the word about things I enjoy, and articulate my thoughts and feelings about how a particular conception of art applies to a specific work.

I write essays about many subjects.  While I don't limit myself consciously to any particular fields, I frequently find myself discussing art and politics in these essays.  My views on art are inclusive and my views on politics are liberal, and I suppose these have a lot to do with each other.  I don't mean to bore anyone or chase them away, but this is probably my least immediately accessible kind of writing.

This isn't a diary or anything like that, but occasionally I also write shorter posts that I call "auto-commentary," or commentary on myself.  Here I'll offer short observations and analyses on the state of myself and the state of the blog.  I may have something funny to say, or something serious, or something more or less inconsequential, depending on your patience and your point of view.

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