These are my essays, a smattering of longer writings on a variety of subjects.  I don't write on any particular topic to the exclusion of others: I just write down the ideas that I want to express.

  •  A little positive message to myself, when I was feeling very depressed.
A Run in the Life
  • I start jogging voluntarily for the first time in my life.  Here's what that's like.
The Republican Congress
  • Wherein I lament what I cannot change about America.
The Beauty of the Bead
  • Thoughts about life in America, upon returning from life abroad in a state of crisis.
The Ways of the Poem
  • A dear friend of mine asked me to explain poetry to him.  So I took it upon myself to write him a tutorial in the arts poetical.
Why I'm Quitting Drinking
  • Pretty much what it sounds like.
English and the Insult
  • I had seldom been so contemptuously angry in my life, and I needed to let off some steam.  Don't bother reading this.
The Girl From Ipanema Passes
  • The discovery of a bizarre document leads to ruminations on a favorite song.
A Test and a Decision
  •  Reflections on the future of constitutional government, in light of our policies on military intervention (in Syria in particular).
An Unlikely Proposal
  • In which I seriously (seriously) suggest repealing the Second Amendment.
Waw: The Mystery and Beauty of Alphabets
  • In whch I geek out about the history of some letters.
An Open Letter to the Social Studies Teachers of America
  • In which I complain about having to show lame movies when I substitute teach.
Thoughts on Drones
  • In which I attempt to lay out the actual risks associated with the rising use of unmanned aerial drones.
Thanksgiving in Patuxet
  • In which I remind white Americans about the true history of Thanksgiving, in the context of genocide.
Barack Obama Won the Election, and he Won it Hard
  • A short defense of the legitimacy of theresult of the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election.
The Zelda Wars
  • A short response to an essay by Tevi Thompson entitled Saving Zelda.
Just a Regular Road Trip
  •  In which I lean to drive a stick shift, and drive to Southern California three days later.
The Price of My Piracy
  • In which I reveal how much music I've stolen, and ponder the future of the recording industry.
Let Me Tell You the Truth
  • A little bit of head-in-the-clouds philosophy about the nature of reality and the existence of absolute and relative truth.
Reelecting Obama: The Right Thing to Do
  •  I argue in favor of voting for Barack Obama in 2012, to safeguard his accomplishments and prevent the imposition of Republican policies.
Grown Up Business
  • I show my support for the 99% by extracting myself from the warm embrace of one of the country's largest banks.
The Next Great Convention
  • Thoughts on rewriting our nation's governing document, for both practical and symbolic reasons.
Taming the Tongue: Adventures in Spelling Reform
  • I attempt to devise a universal alphabet for the English language, and fail miserably.
On Art, the Artist, and the Reduction of Both
  • I describe my theory on the purpose of art: reducing the essence of a person into an idea.
Islam in America
  • A plea for tolerance and understanding on the ninth anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks.
An Open Letter to Roger Ebert
  • A defense of video games as a legitimate art form, as well as a general theory of what constitutes art.

The Travel Essays

Hellenic Adventures
  • I fly to Athens by way of London, then try to survive the stifling heat of Greece.
Italic Adventures
  • I wander the ruins of Pompeii, and wait patiently for Venice to sink into the sea.
Germanic Adventures
  • I exult in the wonders of Prague and freak out in a Munich pub.
Dutch Adventures
  • I lose a few days in Amsterdam.  Nothing happened!
Gallic Adventures
  • I marvel at the manifold odors of Paris, and relax on the Mediterranean coast.