Monday, October 31, 2011

Insanity Calls the Bells of Halloween

In honor of Hallowe'en and all of the spirits purportedly rising from their graves, I've written a thematically appropriate poem.  It's sort of like a zombie apocalypse, but because zombies aren't really as interesting as everyone thinks they are, I've replaced them with knife-wielding ghosts, driven to madness and murder by the sound of bells on All Hallows Eve.  I hope you enjoy!

You say you don't believe in magic spells;
But something's cast and something fell has come
To ring that iron bell.  And now it's ringing
So I tell you, playing dead won't end
This hell; just pick yourself up off the ground
And stand alert: you'll know them by their smell.

The iron breaks and tremors shake the walls,
And horrors from the earth are crawling from
Forgotten graves.  They sprawl across the city
Streets and call for allies, reinforcements;
All our homes will swarm with evil shapes
and shadows, seizing lives within their halls.

And soon the shades will set about their work;
They start in stages, first by lurking, then
Emerging from the murk to claim their prey.
They go berserk with ghastly rage and sharply
Jerk their frightened victims from their homes,
To menace them with cruel knives and dirks.

Until the night is through we'll be at war;
I fear the bells won't stop before they tear
Our fences down and bore their terrors in
Our skulls! The score is grim: the revenants
Abhor us, their insanity will break
Our flimsy gates and batter down our doors.

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