Saturday, May 16, 2009

Creative Churnings

A new idea for a story struck me yesterday, so I wrote a little bit of it down at the coffee shop where I do these things. It's called The Temple Mountain, and it's an interesting little project, though I have not quite conceived a definite plot for it. I am however approaching it from a Tolkien-esque point of view, by first developing a history, culture, and language for the principle characters.

One might think of the setting as Middle Earth in miniature, except that it's not really high fantasy; more of a mystery with a few fantastical elements like spirits, dwarves (or some sort of mountain-folk), and a monotheistic god of my invention. What I really want to get across with this story is the sense of wonder as a people rediscover their cultural and spiritual roots, via a return to the abandoned city of their ancestors. It should be pretty groovy.

So when will this story be ready for public munching? Not soon; I don't want to interrupt the progress of On the Second Floor, which will begin this Monday and continue with a new installment every week for twelve weeks. I intend to follow up that story with another poetry interlude, so the earliest that Mountain could get going would be in fourteen weeks.

However, On the Second Floor now stands at two thirds written, with the remaining four chapters already plotted. This gives me plenty of time to develop the concept further, into something quite different from anything I've attempted thus far. I'm looking forward to it.

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