Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Adventures in No Internet

Actually, it would be a little difficult to make this blog post if I had absolutely "no internet".  In fact, the more I think about it, it would be quite difficult in this modern age to be without any kind of internet access to the web, at least for a person of my socio-economic class.

I am of course not considering the potential impact of a catastrophic natural disaster or nuclear attack devastating our digital infrastructure.  Who has time to think about things like that?

But given all the other facts of my life, I am as without internet as I can be.  About a week ago, the connection in our apartment suddenly failed.  Though I struggled mightily with customer service and technical support to restore the connection, it appeared that nothing could be done in the time being.  It probably won't be fixed until sometime this weekend.

What does this mean for me?  Well, in the short run, it meant I could not complete a project for an online class that was due that afternoon.  In a desperate lunge, I managed to finish the assignment at the local library, and participate in the final class session via phone connection.  But given all the time I wasted trying to solve an insoluble problem, it was still a stressful and harrowing experience.

In the medium run?  Well, I spend a hell of a lot less time on Tumblr.  My epic streak on Duolingo has been interrupted, and I can already feel the Irish slipping away from me.  I have more time to dedicate to reading books, which is good because I have to read one for my last online course (an independent study, not something I need an active connection for presently).  On top of all my other daily routines, I now take a little walk to Starbucks every day, and spend a half hour or so enjoying tea and donuts.  I use my Galaxy tablet tap into their wifi and update Goodreads (with all these books I'm reading), talk to my cousin on Facebook, check my email, and briefly make sure the world hasn't ended.  Then I go home and waste my life on video games.  But that's all very normal.

In the long run, there's no effect.  None.  In a week, the connection will be restored and I will be back to my old tricks.  Unless it isn't, in which case, I don't know?  Maybe I'll just move into the Starbucks.  I see a comfortable nook over by the counter.

Anyway, it's been much less unpleasant to be cut off from modern civilization than I expected.  I'm not in an enormous rush to get it turned back on.  There are worse things to be without, as we all know. 

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