Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Spooky! is the word of the day, today.  That's spooky! with an exclamation point, which in this case is integral to the word.  Don't remove it.  That wouldn't be very spooky! would it?

Alright, enough silliness!  Tonight is Halloween and I am full of candy and burrito, so something must have gone right.  My girlfriend has sadly sent me home for the evening so she can study for a midterm tomorrow, but all in all we've had a wonderful hallow's evening.

And this being Halloween, it's only right that I should be absolutely terrified, quaking in my pajamas and huddling under my covers for warmth and protection.  This has nothing to do with me watching American Horror Story an hour ago (not scared, not scared!), but rather the usual demons of self-doubt and fear for the future.  You see, a few days ago, two of my three roommates abruptly announced that they were going to be moving out of the house at the end of November.  Faced with the choice of staying on and assuming greater responsibility over a house I've only lived in for four months, the third roommate and I have elected instead to strike out on our own for a smaller place to live.  That gives us one month to move before our rent effectively doubles.  Spooky!

So tomorrow, we're getting on that, visiting new apartments and places and making hard choices.  Among other things, I really need a job.  One that doesn't pay sporadically and inadequately like my current moneymaking pastime, substitute teaching.  That's what's really scary, I suppose.  That and werewolves.

But it's nice to take a break from all that on a night devoted to fear, and spend it pretending to be afraid of bloodsucking monsters.  I really love Halloween for that; but I also need to take a break from eating candy.

Happy Halloween, everybody.  It's now the witching hour, so I'll leave you to your spooky! night!

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