Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Burning Daylight: GO SEE IT!

Sometimes, living on the internet is hardly akin to living at all: more like an endlessly futile attempt at stimulation complicated by a brutal combination of meta-cognition and oblivion.  But sometimes it's not.  Really!

Sometimes you meet people on the internet who may not seem like much at first.  Eventually, you discover they have a wicked sense of humor and sharp intelligence.  Later on, they reveal a level of creativity that leaves you jealous, and you begin to secretly plot their destruction.  Then one day, you find your plans of violence have entered the realm of insignificance, because your friend has transcended mortality and is now acting in movies.

Acting in freaking movies!

Ladies and Gentlemans, I give you Burning Daylight, starring Chris DeMeo and some other dudes:

How about that?

I'm not going to attempt to analyze this critically, because the fact that my friend is in it instantly makes me think it is the single most incredible thing that has ever been done by anyone who ever did anything.  But I'm generally pretty on the ball about those sorts of things anyway.

Now, you've already been commanded to see this movie.  Unfortunately, it's not out for a while.  According to the Official Facebook Page, the release date is July 1st, 2010, which is utter poppycock because this is freaking October.  Not even Chris knows when the damn thing will see wide release.  However, the premiere of the film will take place in New York City at Webster Hall, on November 14th of this year.  After that, it'll probably play at Indie festivals for a while before finally seeing the mainstream approbation it (probably) richly deserves.  So if you're in town...GO SEE IT!

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