Monday, June 14, 2010

And the Walls Came Tumbling Down

Actually, as far as I've heard, the earthquakes that struck San Diego County this evening did not cause any walls to come tumbling down.  We Southern Californians build our walls with such eventualities in mind, because we are fully aware that Mother Nature has a serious grudge against us.  Los Angeles alone is enough to keep the planet awake at night, seething in anger at the city's endless effusion of smog and vacuous celebrity culture.  Frankly, if I were Mother Nature, I would have washed it away with a tidal wave decades ago, but she operates on a much larger time scale.  In the meantime, we'll just be patiently awaiting the next earthquake, or wildfire, or possible zombie virus plague.

Now, onto other business.  I'm a little busy at present, so the first installment of The Wolf of Albright won't be going up tonight, but rather some time later this week.  I mean, I suppose I could type it up tonight.  It would take me at least five hours that would be better spent sleeping (as I have class in the morning), but it's definitely within the realm of possibility.  I just refuse to, because my head hurts, and I'm sleepy, and it doesn't sound like a fun time.

I was also momentarily distracted this weekend from finishing the initial draft of the story by work on a new short story, which is much less ambitious in scope.  Even so, The Convention (as I call it) is a very personal story that I suddenly felt the urge to compose.  It's art in its most cathartic sense, so I don't expect very much from it in terms of amusing the public, but I like it, even in its early, incomplete form.  Nevertheless, I will finish The Wolf this week, and I think that one's going to come out quite well indeed.

Finally, today was graduation day at the U of O, and many of my friends have now joined me as official alumni of the best damned university in the Pacific Northwest (and beyond!).  Being the good friend that I am, I stood by my friend Alex's diploma ceremony for nearly two hours, and was rewarded for my troubles with an itchy sunburn.  Even so, it was nice to relive the experience I went through just a year ago, and remember that I'm not yet so far removed from the glorious days of yore.  I just want to wish my congratulations to all my friends who graduated this year, along with all those who graduated last year and have kept their heads above water, because Lord knows it isn't easy.

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