Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear Blog

I Miss You.

It is true, I have taken you for granted, Wave Function Junction. When I named you, I was perhaps too flippant, too unconcerned with whether the other blogs in blog-school would tease you when the blog-teachers weren't looking. But apart from that, you were established with the best of intentions. I would write things; you would show them to the world; the world, when it got around to it, would read them.

It was supposed to work so beautifully, but I neglected you. I really did! It's been hard on us both, but mostly on you, as you sit there in cyberspace, waiting for me to call. It's no excuse to say that my schooling has kept us apart. Even in my otherwise copious free time I occupied myself with consuming art rather than producing it, and you suffered alone for lack of updates.

We got a little jaded. We got a little complacent. We got a little fat. And yet you endured; you waited for my return, and never said a word to reproach me.

You are far too forgiving, Wave Function Junction.

That is why I want to take us back. Back, back to where we once belonged. Back to the land of California. Back to the future. Just, back. You and I, we're going to make some posts, we will! We'll make so many posts, people will be reduced to gaping in awe. So many posts, the internet will creak under their weight. So many posts, the boundary between what is and what is not a post will be blurred in the popular imagination. People will be drowning in our posts. Just as soon as they find the time to read them.

But you'll have to bear with me for a couple weeks, Wave Function Junction. Starting next Monday, they actually expect me to teach thirty-odd eighth graders about the Civil War for two weeks. This will require some buckling down. If these kids grow up with anything less than a complete and comprehensive education on this period of history, I could actually go to jail. I think. The consequences have not really been made clear to me. I'm sure you know what I mean.

So wait for me, wait for me just a little while longer, Wave Function Junction! I have the content you crave, and with it we will fill the existential void that gnaws at you ceaselessly in my absence. It will all have been worthwhile, just you see!

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